Jamaal Bowman gets sweetheart deal to have charges expunged but new video shows he REMOVED THE EXIT WARNING SIGNS before he pulled the fire alarm
· Oct 27, 2023 · NottheBee.com

The video has finally come out from Fire-Alarm-Gate and it is, quite frankly, even more ludicrous than we imagined.

He just does it so casually! He takes down the signs saying "Warning! Alarm will sound!" and tosses them on the ground then quickly darts over to the fire alarm and then takes off like there aren't cameras all over the Capitol.

Remember how he claimed he thought the fire alarm would open the door??

The signs Bowman removed

In case you thought a Democrat would actually suffer the consequences of his criminal actions, however, news came out yesterday that Rep. Bonehead wasn't going to get any jail time, but a small $1,000 fee and the charge expunged off his record.

nO OnE iS aBoVe ThE lAw!

Bowman made a deal with the Democrat DC Attorney General to pay a small fine and have the entire matter forgotten!

The man broke the law - a major law against disrupting Congress - LIED about it, and his staff told the rest of the Democrats to call Republicans NAZIS for talking about it!

At no point has Bowman been held to account for ANY of it and now the DC AG is going to expunge the charge from his record as if it never happened?

Tell me again how our "justice" system is balanced, Merrick Garland!

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